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TMST Question: Do you read classics? Why or why not?

I am a classic reader.

I also don’t read classics as much as I should.

Like many people my first introduction to classic fiction was in school. And like most of you know, Dear Reader, reading classics in school wasn’t always enjoyable. But there were a few gems with the rocks. So, I wasn’t scared off of classic because of my experience with them in school.

Another reason I read classic is because I am interested to know why people find these books so enduring. Why has this story out of all the stories that people have written stood the test of time?

I can honestly say, Dear Reader, that even as an adult some of the classic stories don’t work for me. Two of my most recent classic reads, Jane Eyre and Frankenstein, weren’t pleasant experiences for me. If it hadn’t been for excellent audiobook narrators I highly doubt that I would have been able to complete them.

That been said, I don’t regret the experience of having read them. It’s nice to know what people are talking about when the reference Jane Eyre. I was always curious about the woman in the attic. And I was surprised about how different the actually story of Frankenstein was different from the pop cultural references.

My next classic is most likely going to be a modern classic, Slaughter House Five. And I’m curious to know what the buzz is about and who much of what I think I know about the story is actually true.

Now, Dear Reader, it’s your turn to answer the question. Do you read classics? Why or why not?