Crime, Fiction, Series

Postal | Series Review

Author: Byran Hill Edward, Isaac Goodhart
Published: Image Comics
Genres: Crime
Format: eBook
Source: Hoopla, Library

Over the past year, I’ve been slowly but steadily making my way through Postal, a crime series. I picked up because the completed series is rather short with seven collected volumes. I have been not so steadily making my way through The Walking Dead; I wanted something shorter. It helped that the ratings for Postal are mostly positive.

If you’re not familiar with Postal, Darling Reader, it follows Mark Shiffron, the mailman of Eden, Wyoming. Mark is more than Eden’s mailman, and Eden is not an ordinary town. Eden isn’t on any maps and technically doesn’t exist. It’s full of criminals that want to disappear. Mark isn’t a criminal, he is the son of the town’s mayor who rules with an iron fist. Mark is her secret weapon.

I’m sure by my star rating you can tell that I enjoyed this series, all together, characters, plot, and artwork worked for me.

My favorite individual character is Mark, of course. Most of the characters in Postal undervalued Mark. This is not because Mark is the spoiled son of the town mayor, a character type that would fit nicely into the story. But rather, Mark is autistic, and his autism means that people do not understand him, they also misjudge and underestimate him.

Now, my second favorite thing about Postal is the women characters. The treatment of women of Postal stood out because I was also reading The Walking Dead (TWD). The women of TWD are simplistic and are interchangeable. This is not a The Walking Dead review, this is a review of Postal. And, Darling Reader, the women of Postal aren’t interchangeable. In a town full of criminals, they hold their own. They women have their own motives and aspirations. They are just as violent or more violent than the men. They can connive and manipulative. The women of Postal were complex women that would seek power as ruthless or more than their male counterparts.

I enjoyed Postal and if you can stomach ‘the violent content, Darling Reader, you might enjoy it too.